How It Works

Discover how easy it is to let Kinebot work for you!


Record the work cycle on your cell phone and upload it to the Kinebot platform.

Record workers’ movements at their workstations.


Select the videos and run the Kinebot platform to perform the assessment.

Upload the videos to the platform and let the system analyze the recordings.


Select the tool that best applies to the job function performed in your assessment

Our platform provides tools for each job function, such as percentage of exposure, lifting loads, pushing and pulling, among others.

Ergonomic Workplace Analysis

To generate a Ergonomic Workplace Analysis, select EWA in the file to be assessed

Fill in the form with information about the position, working conditions and possible constraints and generate your EWA in one click.


Check the data for each of the evaluations in organized and easy-to-view charts.

The platform will generate reports with all the information and data on the analysis of ergometric movements, facilitating the identification and evaluation of the results.


Customize the data and check the ergonomic risks of all evaluated workstations.

With the data, it is possible to identify ergonomic risks, facilitating the work of professionals in the area and helping workers to carry out their services at their jobs with more health and safety.

Using Artificial Intelligence technology, added to a computer vision system for evaluating human movement, we deliver objective data, in record time and in greater quantities than current methods, without the bias of an analyst.

Still in doubt?

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