Clarify your main doubts

Yes, it is possible to cancel directly from your account on the website.

Payment can be made by bank slip, PIX or credit card.

The account will be blocked. After payment of the chosen plan, the account will be reactivated.

This monthly fee includes the storage of videos to be uploaded, as well as the possibility of uploading videos according to your plan.

YES! If you want to buy more minutes of videos than what is foreseen in your plan, you can buy the number of minutes of videos according to your demand.

Yes, multiple videos can be included. These videos will be processed in a queue.

Yes, but only the Master user who can perform this operation. In addition, you should check the maximum allowed number of users in your plan.

Yes, however it still counts in your plan after upload.

Yes, any equipment that has a camera with the recommended specifications can be used.

It depends on the job and which members you want to extract the data from. Ideally, you should shoot from the front and from the side to ensure that all angles are captured.

No, the footage should be focused on just one employee at his work station, without the interference of other people in the footage.

Full duty cycle or motion analysis range is recommended.

The work cycle is a part that is repeated during the employee’s journey at their workstations. In this way, it is only necessary to record the work cycle that is repeated, instead of the entire work day.

ALL! Because with the data extracted by Kinebot, it is possible to associate with all the tools available on the market.

YES! We have published articles, just as we are winners of the ABERGO 2021 award, as the best Ergonomist Case.

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