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Kinebot Terms of Use

Clause 1 – Object

It is the use of the “instrument”, or the “system” “Kinebot”, whose desideratum is the evaluation of the integrality of the movements in real working conditions, with the purpose of measuring the individual’s postures that may have potential damage to the worker’s health.

Clause 2 – Form of use

The “Kinebot” instrument is used by uploading one or more videos of workers at their jobs that are objectively evaluated in their movements. The result of the evaluations is a set of reports and indicators, capable of highlighting possible risks to the worker’s health, according to the postures and movements that they routinely perform at the workplace.

Clause 3 – Use

It is up to the (user, licensed) to upload the video containing the working moments, with the postures and movements performed by the worker throughout his workday.

Clause 4 – Image use authorization

The use of the contracting party’s image for the placement of its logo and testimonies for any means of communication for dissemination purposes is authorized, without any onus or restrictions.

Clause 5 – Responsibilities

The responsibility for the use of the images and for the eventual public disclosure of the results of the evaluation carried out by “Kinebot” rests with the licensee (user), who hereby declares that he is fully aware of this fact.

Clause 6 – Payment

For the use of “Kinebot” the user licensee will pay the licensor according to the plan defined on the Kinebot website. Payment will be made by credit card or bank slip made directly on the website. The minutes purchased in the monthly plans are not cumulative.

In the annual plan, the minutes purchased will be made available monthly according to the plan chosen.

Clause 7 – Confidentiality

The supplier licensor is prohibited from disclosing, or making use of, the images and data contained in the evaluations carried out by “Kinebot” for any purpose other than this instrument.

Clause 8 – Expiration of data

In case of non-payement within 30 days of the chosen licensing plan, all videos, reports and any data stored in the account will be permanently deleted from the user account and from the “Kinebot” database.

Clause 9 – Operational requirements

Equipment with a video recording camera that shoots at a minimum of 15 FPS and a maximum of 30 FPS. Filming cannot contain more than one worker, that is, there will be no individual tracking of the operator. This traceability must be carried out by the contracting party.

In cases of external interference, data may be impacted on reports and dashboard. The results obtained in each member of the body may be impacted according to the shape and position of recording.

The identification of the person to be analyzed may be interfered with by objects present at the operation site. Since the data can be impacted by the presence of such objects.

All film collections will be carried out by the contractor, and the contractor is not responsible for carrying out such a procedure.

Processing time may last 10 times the duration of the uploaded video. There may be instabilities due to the contractor’s internet, resulting in a longer data processing time.

Clause 10 – Jurisdiction

The Judicial District of Curitiba is hereby elected, in order to resolve any pending issues arising from this contract.

And as they are thus fair and agreed, the parties sign the present and undertake to comply with it in full.