About Us

Kinebot is

A technology that works especially with the evaluation of each human movement. It stands out because it delivers mathematical assessments in record time and in an accessible, simple and practical way.

Made for ergonomists, physiotherapists and health and safety professionals interested in evaluating human movement, in order to generate more quality of life and longevity, in a world where technology serves people and allows more autonomy and time.

In what we believe

Far beyond applications, Kinebot is built on solid values.

We work to help ergonomists and occupational health and safety professionals to humanize work, having resources to properly assess work cycles and offer healthy conditions to workers.

We believe in a world with jobs fit for humans, for healthier people, fewer injuries, lost days and accidents and better business productivity.


The future is of flesh and blood, of emotion and intelligence


To boost and not replace people


Time and energy to create and design the new


Accurate results


Wellness and prevention is longevity

Evaluating every move

Kinebot uses artificial intelligence technology and computer vision to evaluate every human movement.

It is unique because it delivers objective data analysis, without analyst bias, in record time and in an absolutely superior amount than current methods.

It is an accessible, simple and practical system and can be adapted to the most diverse uses, including analyzes focused on the area of ergonomics.

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